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    What are Title Issues?

    As part of the lending process, a title search is typically required as well as a title insurance policy. This is done to protect buyers and lenders from anything that could prevent the titleholder from selling the property. Here are some of the things that can create title issues: Unpaid property taxes. Liens or encumbrances. An incorrect legal description of the property. Building code violations or incorrect surveys. An unrecorded satisfaction of a mortgage. Most clouds on a property’s title…

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    What are Real Estate Escape Clauses?

    Most real estate contracts contain contingency clauses that allow the buyer or seller to end the transaction without a penalty if certain conditions cannot be met. These are commonly referred to…

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    Transferring Utilities

    Whether you are a buyer or a seller, transferring utilities should be at the top of your “to do list” to avoid any interruption of services such as gas, electric and…

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    Tips for Childproofing Your Home

    If you have infants or small children in your home, the following tips for “childproofing” your home could prevent an injury – or even save a life. Never place a crib…

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    Washing Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

    Routine maintenance of your washing machine can keep it working properly and prevent potential disasters from occurring. Here are some washing machine cleaning and maintenance tips: Check your machine periodically to…

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    Holiday Greeting

    As the year draws to a close our thoughts turn to the many things we are thankful for. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the confidence and loyalty…