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    What is Seller Financing?

    In a typical real estate transaction, the buyer gets a loan from a bank to finance the purchase of the home and the seller gets the proceeds from the sale at the time of closing in a lump sum. But with seller financing, rather than getting a lump sum at closing, the seller agrees to transfer title to the property to the buyer in exchange for a promissory note and a security interest in the property. The promissory note states the interest rate,…

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  • What is an Assumable Mortgage
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    What is an Assumable Mortgage?

    An assumable mortgage is an agreement where a home buyer takes over the existing mortgage of the seller as long as the lender of the mortgage approves. With an assumable mortgage, the…

  • Things to Consider Before Making An Offer

    Things to Consider Before Making an Offer

    You’ve found your dream home and you are thinking about making an offer. Before you take that final step, consider a few things first to feel more confident in your decision. Research…

  • How to Prepare for a Move
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    How to Prepare for a Move

    Moving can be a pleasant experience if you prepare properly. Here are some tips to help you organize your belongings to make your move easier. Take an inventory of each room in…

  • 07-28-16_Ericka Schott
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    Is For Sale By Owner Safe?

    Would you perform surgery on yourself? Would you represent yourself in a serious legal matter? Would you fill your own cavity? Probably not. You would hire a highly skilled and trained…

  • What is Mortgage Underwriting

    What is Mortgage Underwriting

    Underwriting is a process lenders use to assess risk before agreeing to approve a loan. The underwriting process verifies that the borrowers, the property and the documentation all meet the lender’s requirements for…

  • 07-21-16_Mari Santoyo Perry
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    Top Design Trend in New Builds

    Have you been dreaming of building a new home, and do you want the scoop on the hottest home design trends? Mari Santoyo Perry, Heritage Homes New Home Sales Specialist and…