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Can a REALTOR® Recommend Other Service Providers

No matter the industry, professionals enjoy working with professionals… and the real estate industry is no different. When it comes to the many services needed during the purchase or sale of a home, your REALTOR® can be a great resource to connect you with other high-quality professionals.

Whether you need a lender, attorney, mover or other service provider, ask your REALTOR® for recommendations.

Some states have adopted regulations that require REALTORS® who recommend service providers to make sure the providers are licensed by the state. Additionally, the REALTOR® must disclose any relationship that they might have in any service provider they recommend. For example, if the REALTOR® owns a title company and recommends that you use it, they must inform you that they own the title company.

In most cases, your REALTOR® will provide you with a list of multiple service providers that they recommend. You can then make your own selection, but you are not required to use a provider recommended by the agent.

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