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    How Much Homeowners Insurance Should You Buy?

     Before you start shopping for a homeowners insurance policy, you need to think about how much coverage to purchase. If a disaster strikes, you’ll want enough insurance to rebuild the structure…

  • Buyers Homeowners

    What is Flood Insurance?

    Did you know that a standard homeowner’s policy does not include flood insurance? Just an inch or two of water can be devastating in a home – so flood insurance is…

  • Buyers

    What is Title Insurance?

    When you purchase a home, how can you be sure that the seller really owns the property and that there aren’t any problems with the home’s title? The simple answer… title…

  • Buyers Sellers

    What is a Home Warranty?

    Today’s topic… home warranties… a great way to give you protection and peace of mind. A home warranty is different than homeowners insurance, which covers your house and personal items from…

  • Buyers

    Tips for Buying Homeowners Insurance

    You’ve made an offer to purchase and the seller accepted. Obtaining homeowner’s insurance should now be high on your “to do” list. All lenders require adequate homeowner’s insurance – so think…