Should Buyers Attend the Home Inspection?

After having an offer to purchase accepted, a home buyer will typically hire a home inspector to thoroughly evaluate the major components of the home they are purchasing. While the buyer isn’t required to attend the inspection, it is certainly in their best interest to do so.

Being on-site during the inspection gives the buyer an opportunity to discuss the inspector’s findings and to ask questions. The buyer and inspector are there for the same reason – to learn as much about the condition of the property as possible. When the buyer is present, the inspector is able to explain the meaning and importance of each condition noted in the inspection report. The inspection also gives the buyer an opportunity to learn where things like shutoff valves are for the gas, water and electric. This can be very valuable information in the event of an emergency in the future.

A home inspection is a great way for a buyer to learn about their new home… and especially if they are a first time homeowner!

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