Washing Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance of your washing machine can keep it working properly and prevent potential disasters from occurring. Here are some washing machine cleaning and maintenance tips:

  • Check your machine periodically to make sure it is level. A machine that is vibrating or rocking can lead to flooding.
  • Check the machine’s hoses regularly for cracking or leaking – and keep the machine at least 4 inches from the wall to prevent hoses from kinking.
  • Clean the machine’s filter and fabric softener dispenser annually.
  • Clean your machine’s drum every few months by simply running the machine empty on the hottest setting. If you notice an odor, or soap or lime buildup, add a bottle of vinegar and run the cycle on the hottest setting again.

Even a small leak in your washing machine can become a major problem if it goes unnoticed, so also consider putting a drip pan underneath your machine and check it regularly for any water accumulation.

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