Why to Consider Bundling Your Insurance

When you buy two or more types of insurance policies from the same company it’s called “bundling.” Doing this can result in some hefty discounts.

Bundling home and auto insurance is the most common, but you can also include life insurance or insurance for boats, RV’s or motorcycles.

It’s expensive for insurance companies to find new customers, so discounting your premiums and deductibles is their way of rewarding your loyalty. In some cases, the discounts offered for bundling can reach 20% or more, especially if you add life insurance.

Bundling also makes you a more valuable customer to the insurance company, meaning they will be less likely to drop you if you ever file a claim.

In addition to saving money, bundling makes managing your policies easier and more convenient since you won’t be dealing with more than one company.

Be sure to ask your insurance agent what bundling options might be available to you.

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